Today′s Challenges

China rapid urbanization and massive city expansion brought lots of opportunities, but also lead to major economic, social and environmental challenges. Today, cities begin to refocus the next stage of their growth from speed and investment quantity to efficiency and sustainability.

Along with cities development, retail offer has boomed. However, most commercial real estate properties are large scale multi-storey projects targeting high-end positioning.

As competition in the sector is getting increasingly fierce- especially in well-developed regions, commercial real estate projects face ambitious challenges to survive.

Through our experience of many years in Retail, PIONEER can help commercial real estate owners and investors identify the right market opportunities, create valuable benefits and deliver services covering the full property lifecycle.

Main Services

    Marketing & Strategy / Business Expansion / Operational Management

    We help international retails set up and expand their brands in China and manage the operations of their chain stores.


    Marketing & Tenant Mix / Leasing / Operational Management

    We aim at maximizing results while minimizing risks

Associated Services


    Development Planning / Product Design / Branding

    We help manufacturers increase efficiency during the manufacturing process while upgrading the product final brand image.


    Inbound Service / Trade Cooperation / Platform Cooperation

    We help international companies buy from the most competitive product manufacturers and sell their products in China.


    Project / Investment / Development

    Based on trust and long-term relationships, we provide Chinese high net worth individuals and business families with family office advisory services internationally.

  • CEPO

    Investment Positioning / Project Management / System Establishment

    We help entrepreneurs save their time, energy and make the right decision.