Operation Concept


Through our many years of experience and based on a win-win approach, we deliver to our clients middle to long term solutions within reasonable time periods. 

We aim at standing by your side, protecting your best interests and providing valuable solutions allowing you to maximize your potential and make the right choice.  

We are your partner of choice if you look for accurate and thorough analysis combined with honesty, persistency and hard work.


In the past 8 years, we served some domestic and international brands (CHN, USA, FRA, ITL, U.K., JPN, GER, etc.) using necessary expansion tools and local market experience; Prior to that,  Mr. Louis WU worked with related international retail groups (Metro AG/Carrefour/Decathlon/Watson’s/Costa Coffee, etc.) over 12 years.

Since 2008, we have served various Chinese properties groups, from marketing survey, project scheme to operation in initial stage and assets management, through professional services.

According to our company strategic business expansion plan, we launched our lines of business related to manufacture, family office, CEPO and international trade in early 2014.


To actively participate in China rapid globalization and become a key player in our industry, we need to develop strong adaptability and creative capabilities and explore every new business opportunity.


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