Shanghai Tonjoy Motor (Advisor & Training Consultant)

Country China
Founded 1999
Store Num. 3

Shanghai Tonjoy Motorcycle Sale Service Company Limited is an integrated motorcycle sale and after-sales services seasoned brand which includes vehicles, motorcycles ( including special motorcycles), motorboats, transaction of second-hand motorcycle, riding equipment, parts sales, vehicle detailing, modification and storage, designated maintenance service of insurance company, auto club and driving training. It's the agent of KAWASAKI, Japan SUZUKI Japan, SUZUKI Jinan, BENELLI Italy, and Regal Raptor in Shanghai and eastern China. It's also the member unit of Shanghai government procurement. (It’s the authorized unit of Shanghai Police Motorcycle, BMW special motorcycle of Shanghai Fire Department and HONDA heavy duty motorcycle. )

Carrefour Shanghai (Consultant)
Founded 1959

Carrefour entered China mainland market in 1995, and opened its first large-scale supermarket in 1996. The enterprise is committed to become a good corporate citizen in China, and seriously fulfill its social responsibility. Over the past years, by conducting “directly transport the agricultural food into the supermarket”, “food safety training”, the establishment of “food safety measure office” and so on, Carrefour tries its best to provide customers with safe food and meet a various customers’ needs.


Wood-burning Handmade Pottery China (Solo Agent)
Country China
Founded 2008
Store Num. 2

The factory is located in Si Shui county in Qu Fu city of Shan Dong province. It is specialized in wood-burning and the handmade ceramic products. Not only be content with the maintenance of the developed marketing channel, but also it is planning to become a growth company that start from retail terminal market by optimizing the production process, demand-oriented design, cost control and other means.

JRA (Solo Consultancy)


Founded 1973
Number  33

Japan Reptile Association is set up as a legal entity in Nov. Zhao He 48. On the basic of Washington Treaty, we pursuit a more stable and orderly crawler leather trade. Crawler Industry Association encourage members to support each other. For the sake of common development, actively carry out the necessary activities together. By promoting independent economic activities, at the same time, increasing economic status of the whole industry. The revitalization of the crawler leather industry is the ultimate goal.

Costa Coffee (Consultant)
Country U. K.
Founded 1971
Store Num. 344 (China)

Costa Coffee is originated from Italy, and entered into Chinese market in 2006. At present, its main market covers North, East and South China. Now it is widely regarded as one of the high quality foreign coffee brand in mainland China.

Subway (Consultant)
Country U. S.
Store Num. 44,000 (Worldwide)

Subway is a chain fast food brand, originated from the U.S.. At present, the store around the world have exceeded 44,000. There are only 400 Subway stores in China, but the store number in 2017 will exceed 900. 

Amorino (Solo Agent)


Store Num.

4 (China)

Amorino is an ice cream brand, originated from Italy. Due to other enterprise viciously registered by using this brand before us in China, we had to give up Chinese market.

Orsay (Solo Agent)


Store Num.

1,200 (Worldwide)

Orsay is founded in 1975 in Germany, affiliating with Mulliez Group, which is specialized in women's clothing. At present, it has more than 500 stores in Europe and elsewhere, more than 5,000 employees. Because the shareholder’s intention have changed, they left Chinese market.

Paula’s Choice (Solo Agent)

U. S.

Store Num.
Online store

Paula’s Choice is a skin-care brand. Except the U.S., Paula’s Choice has set up agency in European Union, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, mainland China and other places.

Terrior (Solo Agent)
Country China
Founded   2007
Store Num.  9

Terrior is a retail chain wine brand, specialized in imported wine with booze. Now its market covers Shanghai, Xi'an, Jin Jiang and Hai Kou, etc.

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