Pioneer was founded on the 1st of January 2008 in Shanghai by Louis Wu. At that time the company was focusing on the provision of retail and commercial real estate advisory services such as retail chain expansion,  tenant mix definition and project schemes. Gradually Pioneer enlarged its scope of services to retail company management, leasing, operation & management of commercial real estate properties. More recently the company diversified its activities and by providing services in the field of manufactory, international trade, family private office and CEPO.


Our team is composed of 7 to 10 professionals who are duly trained by Pioneer. Except in the financial and legal areas, our senior specialists can be exported.


According to client’s requirements for continuing services, we set up Shanghai Kun Peng Assets Management Co., Ltd. on Dec. 25th. 2013.

According to the international trading requirements, we purchased 100% shares of Fengtian (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on Feb. 2nd. 2016.

Based on China middle to long term economic perspectives and globalization, we have applied to become the first franchisee of an international M & A brand in China.

We have many running projects to have our dreams realized. Eventually in the next couple of years we will set up a new company or merge with other companies which correspond to our business development and which help us to strengthen our service offer, management style and company culture.

Only one road can guide us to touch the bright future. This special road is selected by our honesty and wisdom, then we could be brave enough to conquer any difficulties without losing our ‘Liberté initiale’!


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