Real Estate

Real estate companies who:

  • need assistance during some specific phases of the project, such as land acquisition, architecture & construction, lease or sale of the property; or
  • Seek middle to long term funding to back the initial investment of the project; or
  • Search for services covering the full lifecycle of the project from development and planning, strategic positioning, financing, architecture & construction, opening, operations & management to the final strategic exit.
Backed by a team of professionals specialized in retail and real estate sectors and thorough analysis of the project, we are able to deliver A to Z retail real estate solutions, from market analysis, architecture and construction procedures, development, leasing, marketing to property management and financing and asset management. 

Whatever its type, size and location, our aim is to ensure sustainability of the project.


1. Tenant mix planning / Leasing

1)Project planning & development
2)Optimization and control of the project conceptual designs
3)ROI estimation & maximization
4)Leasing, marketing & promotions 

2. Commercial Real Estate Operation & Management/Financing

1)Operation & Management before or after the opening
2)Tenants, Catchment Areas Marketing & Promotion Management
3)Re-balancing Management between Rent with Initial Investment
4)Investors or Cooperators / Financing Management

3. Other

1)Warehouse Industry Property
2)Property Development under fixed Regional Conceptual Design
3)Investment on under construction or under sales property
4)Financing & Legal Services for Overseas Property Investment


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