Aedas (BD Consultant) —— CEPO
Country U. K.
Founded 2002

Aedas is an International leading architecture company. The faith that it always holds is: only the architect who knew about the local cultural can design outstanding buildings. This faith is the foundation of the company. 

Wherever the owner is, the unique framework, world construction and dedication to the top research all embodies its commitment that provide top design & service for clients.

Mr. D (Investment Consultant) — Family Office
Country China

In terms of enterprises and strategy management in the real estate industry in China, Mr. D has several years of experience, and work as a senior manager in several family enterprises. 

Mr. D is mainly responsible for all strategic planning and development for the groups. Mr. D is member of CPPCC in Feng Xian district of Shanghai.

Mme. Z (Solo Planning Consultancy) ——Family Office

GFA 109,514.5 m2



The business (economy) hotel is a noble & sweet building according to the international five-star standard equipped with advanced facilities. The hotel is located in Ru Gao port economic development zone within 1.5 hours Shanghai economic circle, equipped with Jing Sheng charity house, swimming pool, bath & sauna center, cinema, a fitness center.

Melenco (Marketing Consultant)—— International Trade
Country Netherlands
Founded 1995

Melenco specialize in the creation of structures tailored specifically for each trading operation, offering support services aimed at cost optimization, quality control following high international standards, and establishing a trusting relationship and direct link between their customers and product manufacturers.

Mao Fu Int. Trade (Solo Agent) —— International trade


Founded 2015

Mao Fu Int. Trade registered in the Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Area (FTA) in October, 2015. Benefited from the convenience and efficiency of capital flow in the FTA, international purchases and logistics in FTA enjoy accelerated growth. As the demands from their clients as well as from their own business, Mao Fu Int. Trade registered an international trading company in FTA , which allows itself to respond to and meet the needs of a variety of trade in full operational capacity and structure.

He Sheng Group (Business Consultant) ——Family Office
Country China
Founded 2012

The headquarter of He Sheng Group is located in Shanghai, the most international metropolis in Yangtze River delta region of China. He Sheng Group specialized in safe and high quality agricultural products, trade, logistics, retail, and wholesale enterprise. 

Firstly, The Group controls the whole agricultural chain, then influence other Industry. The Group aims at becoming an influential enterprise by becoming an integrated state-level modern agricultural leading enterprise.

Mr. R (Associated Partner) ——Family Office

Country Portugal
Founded 2014

As One provides private clients with one-stop packing services, including international tax, family services, high-end yachts business, immigration, investment, real estate, estate management, administration services and wealth management. 

With proactively management, we provide clients with immediate feedback, private orderly services, all information, expenses and costs are completely transparent.

Wood-burning Handmade Pottery China (Solo Agent)
Country         China
Founded 2008
Store Num. 2

The factory is located in Si Shui county in Qu Fu city of Shan Dong province. It is specialized in wood-burning and the handmade ceramic products.

Not only be content with the maintenance of the developed marketing channel, but also it is planning to become a growth company that start from retail terminal market by optimizing the production process, demand-oriented design, cost control and other means.

Mr. S (Associated Partner)—— Family Office

Originated from Germany, France and America, Mr. S has run for 4 generations. From the grocery store to large supermarket, shopping centers and mixture retail store project, his family has learned how to successfully manage their enterprise. 

There is a team around Mr. S. The structure of their team is composed of carefully selected personage, experts in the field of development and management as well as the ownership of mixture real estate project.

Glorious Property (Development Consultant) —— CEPO


Founded 1996

Over the past years, Glorious Property always holds the entrepreneurial attitude "the more the building is, the more beautiful the city will be". Glory Property, who mainly develop in high potential city of China, has become a high quality property real estate developer.

Track Record

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